What have been the focus areas for manpower planning

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How is demand planning and Supply Forecasting for Manpower done in Indian manufacturing Industry like Maruti or Tata Motors.

What have been the focus areas for Manpower planning in above companies.

Develop a Model/ Approach/ Framework for Designing and implementing HR Planning in line with the Business Strategy of above organizations.

Reference no: EM132280667

Assignment on cost and quality

Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and assign resources and cost by using a project management tool. As the IT project manager, you have been assigned a project to dep

Thrived amid global recession

In this forum, I would like you to research and elaborate on why McDonald’s has done great in a weak economy in 20008. McDonald’s increased its revenues in 2008 and nearly dou

Critical path method-program evaluation and review technique

Compare and contrast the critical path method (CPM) and program evaluation and review technique (PERT). What type of project characteristics might favor PERT as the preferred

Shows annual percentage change in unit volume

In a map of the United States that shows annual percentage change in unit volume, by state, for a given product, the annual growth rate in each state is shown with green meani

Systematic thinking and the intuitive thinking

How would a manager use the systematic thinking and the intuitive thinking in problem solving? You are under a lot of pressure because the problem situation involves social lo

About the making toys globally

Read Chapter Five, Opening Case, “Making Toys Globally” then answer the questions below. Presently, the use of lead in paint is prohibited for toys sold in the United States,

Calculated the control limits for a p-chart

Suppose that you have calculated the control limits for a p-chart to be: LCL = 0 and UCL = 0.04. Today you took 10 samples of 20 units each. The first nine samples each had ze

Describe how it is similar to one of the structures

Select an organizational structure described in the PMBOK that most closely resembles the organization selected for this project. Describe how it is similar to one of the str


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