What have been the focus areas for manpower planning

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How is demand planning and Supply Forecasting for Manpower done in Indian manufacturing Industry like Maruti or Tata Motors.

What have been the focus areas for Manpower planning in above companies.

Develop a Model/ Approach/ Framework for Designing and implementing HR Planning in line with the Business Strategy of above organizations.

Reference no: EM132280667

Common sense understandings-social psychological theories

Explain two major differences between common sense understandings and social psychological theories. Illustrate with an example. What is the danger in relying on common sense

What must the target mean for the process be

Centen Whisky is sold in 1 liter (1000 milliliter) bottles. The standard deviation for the filling process is 10 milliliters. If the process requires a 2 percent, or smaller,

What are the implications of this for future research

Are there any important contradictions, arguments, disagreements, or divergences within this set of readings that point to potential areas for future research? How would you

Define job analysis

Define job analysis. Why is job analysis relevant to each of the six key HRM activities discussed in the chapter (i.e., planning, staffing, training, performance appraisal,

Advancement of communication techniques

Your online lesson this week details the events of the Protestant Reformation, a historic turning point for Western civilizations. Please discuss the specific role that the Pr

Use the three-sphere model for systems management

Think of a recent change that occurred at your college, in your community, or in the news. Use the three-sphere model for systems management and brainstorm issues related to t

World class operations management method

Decision trees are another important if challenging world-class operations management method which operations managers should understand and with which other managers should b

Create a linear optimization model

Each deluxe pizza uses 1 pound of dough mix and 8 ounces of topping mix. Determine the number of regular and deluxe pizzas the company should make to maximize net income. Cr


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