What has driven such rapid growth

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This assessment requires you to prepare a report on the challenges faced by the hospitality and tourism and hospitality industry in Australia.

Consider the rapid growth in the Aviation and Accommodation sector and the introduction of low cost carriers and budget brand hotels to Australia

- What has driven such rapid growth?

- What effect do global brands have on the local economy?

- What are the synergies for the Aviation and Accommodation sectors?

- Where do the two industries overlap, what do they have in common?

- Consider the new building program for major hotel groups

- Consider emerging markets for the Australian tourism industry

- Investigate all brands from budget to luxury

- What does Australia have to offer international visitors

Students must use a minimum of five (5) academic journal articles and all sources should be cited using the Harvard Style referencing (in-text citations to correspond with Reference List). Make sure you also cite and source any ideas included in your paper that are not your own.

Reference no: EM131208606

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