What has been the lending strategy followed by santander

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Question: The goal of this assignment is to see how a successful European retail banking organization confronts the opportunities and challenges of globalization.

Using the PDF file attached, answer the following questions:

1. Please describe and evaluate the Country/Political Risk faced by this organization and describe its successes and failures.

2. What has been the lending strategy followed by Santander? Are lending decisions based on the credit background of the borrower, or on the riskiness of the venture? How do they manage risk? How do they finance their loans? Why is there so little cross-border borrowing?

3. How is the lending strategy different to US commercial banks?

4. As a consultant to the CEO, what would you suggest Magda Salarich do now? Please obtain, identify and evaluate the data and conduct a multi-perspective analysis of the evidence to make a logical recommendation for solving the problem with a global perspective.

5. Defend your recommendation and communicate your beliefs clearly and accurately.

Case Study Structure:

APA format. Case length is not an important consideration in grading strategy. The questions posted are meant to guide you in developing an analytical framework that you must present in a case report. Usually you can incorporate your responses in sections C and D described below.

Essential building blocks and structure are as follows (incorporate questions above):

• Executive Summary

• Section A. Introduction and Overview of the Situation

• Section B. Assumptions and Methods

• Section C. Business Impacts

• Section D. Descriptions of Sensitivity, Risks, Successes, Failures, Contingencies and Strategies

• Section E. Conclusions and Recommendations

Reference no: EM132280190

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