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A company must always look at the big picture of its operations management. Many concerns must be addressed and solutions woven together in order to make a profit and do no harm to the environment. Both cost and quality, whether in services or goods, must be considered for a company to be successful. Growing concerns about the environment around the world will continue to impact the way companies produce products and dispose of waste.

In this assignment, you will research companies to determine how they are using lean systems, and addressing quality issues and environmental concerns. You will report your findings and recommendations in a paper.

Action Items

After completing your reading assignment, research companies that are using lean systems.
As you are researching companies using lean systems, also investigate the companies' stance on quality control and environmental impact. Look for the following:

Quality statements

Quality assurance policies and procedures

Quality controls

Environmental impact statements

Environmental impact policies and procedures (green systems)

Environmental impact controls

Make notes on lean systems, quality, and the environment (green systems) as you are conducting your research
Organize your notes and outline the information in order to write a five-to six-page paper. Your paper should answer the following questions:

Why did you chose this company?

What is the main function of the business?

What is the company's approach to using lean systems?

What are the company's approaches to quality, quality assurance, and quality controls?

What green systems are the company using or planning to use in the future?

How do decisions regarding each of these three concerns affect decisions regarding the other two?

What is your evaluation of how well the company is incorporating quality and green systems into its operations.

What recommendations would you make regarding ways to incorporate lean systems, quality, and green systems into the company's operations.

Reference no: EM13748451

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