What genetic mechanism could account for this

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When you search the human genome for genes that are orthologous to a C. elegans gene, you sometimes find two or more human genes with nearly identical query coverage and percent identity. What genetic mechanism could account for this?

Reference no: EM132280039

What were the variables

Now describe how you have (intentionally or unintentionally) used the scientific method in your own day-to-day living. In your post answer the following questions. What observ

Inheritance of blood types

Multiple alleles and codominance are important concepts in genetics. The ABO blood groups represent a well-known example of these concepts. Answer the following questions to

What are the absolute, average, and relative fitness

What advantages do the O-Scale System and the Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Approach-Health Body Composition Assessment procedure has in evaluation to perc

What does the doctor automatically know about the father

In humans, migraine is due to a dominant gene (M). A normal-visioned woman who has never suffered from migraines takes her daughter to a doctor for an examination. In the co

Calculate the value of q required to produce this proportion

One in every 685 children born in the chicoutimi area of quebec province has tyrosinemia. It is cause by having two copies of the receissive allele. Under the assumptions of

What gametes can be formed by an individual organism

What is a polar molecule? Hydrogen bonding? Describe the high surface tension of water. How is this related to the proper function of the pleural serous membranes.

Ethical issues in real world research situation

What types of ethical issues arise when an organization conducts research? Can you provide two examples of an ethical issues in a real world research situation?

What are the three methods of genetic transfer

What are the 3 methods of genetic transfer (sex) that bacteria can utilize? 2. Explain how the heat-killed type IIIS bacteria in Griffith's experiment genetically altered the


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