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If you are unable or prefer not to visit a human service agency in your area, you can complete the second option for this Assignment. You will write a 2-3 descriptive page paper that describes a human service position in detail.

Begin your paper with an introduction, and describe the needs of various populations served in the human services profession. Throughout this course, you have discussed various populations: children and families, adolescents, the aging, the mentally ill, the homeless, the medically ill, and substance abusers. Select at least three of these populations and describe, in detail, some of the needs that they have. Then discuss the role of the human services professional in meeting those needs. This part of your Assignment should be at least 1 page.

Then, view at least three of the videos (including all questions and answers) found at the following link:

Next, state the three videos you chose to view. Then, summarize one of the positions viewed in the videos. In your summary, be sure to give the background of the agency, some of the daily responsibilities of the chosen position, and whether or not you would be interested in working in this position and why. If these details were not given in full in the video, you must follow up with research on similar agencies found online.

In addition to your summaries, discuss additional career opportunities with the same population and some of the main issues with the populations served in the chosen position.

Finally, focus on this position in a bit more detail in order to examine the following concepts, which will have been addressed throughout this course.

What do you believe a typical day might look like in this position?

What funding supports most agencies serving this population? What resources are available to clients, as well as those serving this population?

What is your conclusion regarding job satisfaction for human service professionals choosing similar career paths?

Reference no: EM131258009

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