What fraction of the gametes will be ab

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For a plant with genotype (Ab/aB), if the distance between locus A and locus B is 40 m. u (mapping unit or centiMorgan cM), what fraction of the gametes will be ab?

Reference no: EM13118652

Causes thickening and vascularization of the endometrium

What is the name of a hormone that causes thickening and vascularization of the endometrium? What is a air that rushes in from the north and south to warm the air along the eq

Analyze your selected psychological measure

Based on the analysis of your articles, discuss the use of your selected measure. Explain who is qualified to administer and interpret the measure and the settings-such as o

How does the process prevent a blockage of glycolysis

The reactions of glycolysis are catalyzed by enzymes and obviously proceed without much problem. However, when we look at some of the individual steps, they have positive st

What now happens to the rate of oxygen consumption

Suppose that you have uncoupled mitochondria (no chemiosmotic gradient to restrict respiration). Which of the following substrates should produce the fastest rate of respira

What is the difference between an allergen and an antigen

What is the difference between an "allergen" and an "antigen"? What is meant by "anaphylaxis"? What are the different classes of antibodies that our bodies produce? Which clas

Summarize the allopatric speciation and polyploidy methods

Summarize the Allopatric speciation, Sympatric speciation and Polyploidy methods that could produce a new species from an existing species and provide examples, in 700 to 105

Is this a legitimate representation of the animal''s behavior

Watch the behavior of ONE (focal) animal for a total of ten (10) minutes. Each minute, record the behavior being displayed. Then create an ethogram to demonstrate your resul

Calculate the number of atps generated

Calculate the number of ATPs generated from one saturated 10-carbon fatty acid. For this question, assume that each NADH molecule generates 2.5 ATPs and that each FADH2 mole


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