What five costs that you encounter on a rather regular basis

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Differentiated marketing typically creates more total sales than undifferentiated marketing. However, it also increases the costs of doing business. Assume that you are a marketing manager that is considering using differentiated marketing. What five costs that you encounter on a rather regular basis would most likely be higher because of your decision to pursue differentiated marketing?


1. Your report should be written in an essay format, comprising no more than 2,500 words (type-written pages, space and one half, letter size paper)

2. You should have the following sections:

1.    An Introduction: Provide a brief description of differentiated marketing. Use examples to demonstrate.

2.    Definitions and Objectives: Briefly outline the objectives of the task you have been hired to perform, providing definitions of the marketing concepts used.

3.    Explanation and Process: Give concise details of the suggested approach/process and your rationale, ensuring that you clearly outline the linkages between the marketing concepts used in your explanations. Please include illustrations or diagrams to support at least two of your points.

4.    Conclusion: Summarise the key points raised and your overall assessment of the use of differentiated marketing.

3. Please include references (MLA Format) and ensure you use standard English.

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Reference no: EM131392230

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