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Question 1-

THEFT-TOWN is facing a problem of high crime rate. During the City Council's deliberations of the problem, some Council members favored an increase in the number of the police force, while others favored having the existing police work overtime. After some "mutual back scratching," the Council agreed by a majority vote to increase the police force by 50 percent, leaving some council members dissatisfied. This policy was implemented in July last year. .In the same year, the crime rates were 0.0450 and 0.0360 in June and December, respectively. The Police Chief also found that the crime rate last year in GOODY-TOWN, a comparable city in the same county, was 0.0225 in June and 0.0180 in December.

The Police Chief has hired you to evaluate the policy.Assume that the recipients of your report are not experts in policy evaluation. Your reportwill be submitted to the Policy Chief who will submit it to the City Manager, then to the City Mayor, and finally to the City Council for consideration. The Police Chief also informed you that there is usually an 85 percent probability that a recommendation is implemented in the THEFT-TOWN government structure.

The Police Chief of COPY-TOWN, a city in a state very far north of your state, has heard that you are preparing an evaluation report and would like to replicate the THEFT-TOWN policy to address the high crime rate in COPY-TOWN.

A) Discuss whether or not the policy successful.

B) What factorsmay cause you to have reservation about your conclusion?

C) What is your recommendation to the policy chief, taking into account possible outcomes following policy evaluation?

D) Calculated the probability that your recommendation would be implemented.

E) Based on your findings in the THEFT-TOWN study, what advice would give any city that would like to replicate the policy. Should it implement your policy? Why?

Question 2-

There are various institutions involved in policy legitimation. Compare and contrast the process of policy legitimation and decision making by these institutions with respect to the criteria of majoritarianism/democracy, finality, logrolling, partisan analysis, budgetary process, capture, and oversight. Your analysis should also address:

a) the source(s) of legal authority for policy legitimation by each of the institutions;

b) the approaches that each nonmajoritarian institution, if any, may employ to promote some degree of majoritarianism or public participation; and

c) the factors or characteristics of any legimating institution that makes it amenable to capture.

Question 3-

1) It is stated policy regulation in the United States has progressed from making laws that tend to be specific to laws that tend be general. Discuss how this progression in the law affects policy implementation. In your discussion, provide an example of each type of law or legislation.

Research indicates that standard operating procedure (SOP) contributes positively and negatively to policy implementation. A standard approach has been recommended for dealing with the negative effect of SOP on policy implementation.

Pressman and Wildavisky suggest that this approach may still serve as an impediment to reaching agreement on policy implementation.

Discuss the standard approach to limiting the constraining effect of SOP and how this approach can still be an impediment to reaching an agreement on policy implementation.

Reference no: EM131040771

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