What factors might an organization consider

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What factors might an organization consider when choosing to implement an AD-integrated DNS zone versus a traditional zone? Describe a scenario in which it would be preferable not to integrate a DNS zone into AD. Since the DNS zones can be hosted on specific AD domain controllers, what factor(s) might go into deciding which DCs will host DNS?

Reference no: EM13167034

Provide an overview of intellectual property law

Intellectual property law is a major issue facing organizations, and many organizations have been fined significant amounts for violations of intellectual property law. Prov

Develop a security awareness training communication plan

Organizational end users are generally in the background when it comes to protecting the IT infrastructure. As the chief security officer (CSO), develop a security awareness

Compare symmetric encryption to asymmetric encryption

Compare and contrast symmetric encryption to asymmetric encryption. PKI uses digital certificates to encrypt / decrypt data. Analyze the process of encrypting and decr

Discuss intrusion detection and prevention systems

Analyze firewall technology and tools for configuring firewalls and routers. Discuss intrusion detection and prevention systems and Web-filtering technology. Explain the purpo

Critique the transition process performed by the dms

Critique the transition process performed by the DMS in the case study. Then, recommend two (2) alternatives to the IP infrastructure or applications not already mentioned i

Application of principles of ethics to ict-related issues

Demonstrate factual knowledge, understanding and the application of principles of ethics to ICT-related issues and demonstrate depth of analysis by examining arguments for one

Explain difference of internal and external security threats

Explain the difference between internal and external security threats. Please provide two examples of each. How does disaster recovery planning differ from business continuity

Estimating resources with the budget

Managing a project and I have an $850,000 budget. For the project, the resources include 4-developers and on project manager. A suppose that the average workweek per person is


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