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Literature Review

This assignment will require you to investigate a health problem, focusing on the nature and scope of the problem (disease or disparity), the factors that are associated with this problem (behavioral, social, environmental), and what several organizations are doing about it. Through your research, you will come to understand how a particular health problem is multidimensional and how various organizations provide funding, programs, and resources to address such issues. The paper should be a minimum of 6 pages and should use a minimum of 5 peer reviewed journal articles. Please use the following rubric to guide you in developing your paper:

Literature Review Evaluation

Description Score

Description/Definition Provide a clear, specific, definition of your topic (e.g. what specific topic are you writing about CHD, Obesity, Smoking?)

Relevance How does this topic or health behavior relate to the leading health indicators/focus areas/goals of Healthy People 2020? How is this topic or behavior relevant to community health? How is this topic relevant to other national health campaigns or national health initiatives?

Prevalence If you are writing about a health behavior, what is the prevalence of this behavior in the United States and the state of Ohio? Does prevalence differ by gender, race, age, socioeconomic status? Provide some statistics here.

Significance Describe the significance of this topic/health behavior in America today. Discuss any diseases and/or societal problems caused by this behavior. Are there any financial costs or costs to society associated with this topic/behavior?

Risk Factors Describe the risk factors associated with this topic/behavior. What factors lead to this health behavior or disease?

Recommendations for Prevention How can the risk factors be controlled or prevented? How can the negative outcomes be prevented? What are the current recommendations for preventing premature morbidity/mortality in this area? Are there any programs that have show to be effective in the literature?


Support and Programs Please identify a minimum of three (3) organizations or agencies either nationally or locally that provide programs, funding, or resources to address this issue. What are these groups doing to help??

Conclusion What did you learn from this assignment? What was most interesting to you? How will you use the lessons learned from this assignment in your future job?

APA Style Referencing -Use double spacing.

-1" margins all around.

-Times New Roman font

-12 pt. font size.

-Number pages in top right hand corner of each page.

-Use the headings above as your section titles in bold print (Description, relevance, prevalence, etc).

-Length: 6 pages minimum.

-Writing and Grammar Use APA style referencing throughout paper and include a reference page with all references used in APA style. Please use a minimum of 5 peer reviewed sources.www.apastyle.org

Please use the writing center to improve your writing skills. This is a requirement for this assignment.

Reference no: EM131307085

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