What factors influence their elasticity

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Consider price elasticity of demand for cigarettes. What are some other products that are similarly price elastic in their demand and what factors influence their elasticity?

Reference no: EM131097662

What will value of land be for use during this time period

A farmer uses a piece of land with the following accounting costs to grow a crop worth $1800. If a normal rate of return is $100 on such an investment, what will the value o

What is the short-run price elasticity supply

An increase in the market price of men's haircuts, from $15per haircut to $25 per haircut, initially causes a local barbershop to have its employees work over time to increase

Representative measure of economy status and well-being

How does GDP fare as a measure of an economy's growth & development? Do you think that 'GDP' is, by itself, a comprehensive and representative measure of an economy's status a

Find the minimum level of output needed to deter entry

Stackelberg and Limit Pricing. Consider the Limit pricing and Stackelberg models done in class in which the incumbent chooses capacity first and entrant then chooses whether t

Determine the marginal revenue function

Suppose that the output can be sold for $10 per unit. Further assume that the firm can obtain as much of the variable input (L) as it needs at $20 per unit. Determine the marg

The firm makes a profit and pre-tax profit

A firm makes and sells a computer for $1000. The variable cost to produce a computer, for the range of production of the firm, is $3000 per unit. The total fixed costs per yea

Calculate standard cost for batch of peanut butter cookies

Danny’s Delights is a wholesale bakery. Danny makes a variety of baked goods which he sells to restaurants and grocery stores. His best-selling item is a peanut butter cookie.

Explain how could this technological change contribute

A computer in surface of road picks up a signal from your car and automatically charges you for use of road. Explain how could this technological change contribute to ending b


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