What factors impact the aggregate demand

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Question: What is aggregate demand and what factors impact the Aggregate Demand. Please, use your own words while providing a definition. Provide, current examples (at least three factors) that impact the direction of aggregate demand for the US economy.

Reference no: EM132281040

Should it stay in the industry or exit in the long run

A profit-maximizing business incurs an economic loss of $10,000 per year. Its fixed cost is $15,000 per year. Should it produce or shut down in the short run? Should it stay i

How does the firm have increasing returns to scale

For a firm in a perfectly competitive market that faces a market price of $5/unit for its output, draw a diagram showing a U-shaped long run Average Cost curve and the relat

Construct a budget line for having a family

Indifference theory can explain all rational choices and behavior and try the theoryout on this situation. Suppose the only consideration for couples to have a bby or not was

Contrast and compare the types of risk manufacturing firms

Contrast and compare the types of risk manufacturing firms face with the risks to which service firms are exposed. Identify one way by which either a manufacturing firm or a s

Describing new concept

Write a paragraph (minimum) describing new concept(s), terms or ideas that you learned from this week's reading. For the purpose of this quiz, a submission must be at least 25

Steven and joe are roommates in a cramped apartment

Steven and Joe are roommates in a cramped apartment, and they're increasingly getting on each other's' nerves. Steven is vegan, a smoker, and extremely hygienic. Joe is an

Should the club cover explicit and implicit costs

Should the club cover explicit and implicit costs? Imagine that you are asked to consult with a drama club that puts on a play every year. The club asks you: How much should w

Describe gasoline as a commodity

Determine if the demand for the following products is price elastic or price inelastic, or explian how the necessity of a good and the availability of substitutes affect the p


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