What factors are intrinsically related to this deficiency

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You‘re examining transportation issues in Middle Georgia, which will culminate in a written paper that demonstrates not only your skill in writing, but your adeptness in critical thinking and your ability to follow instructions. The premise and requirements for the paper are as follows:

*Middle Georgia's infrastructure lacks adequate public transportation which is problematic for people, businesses and each of the communities that comprise the region. Hence, students are tasked with analyzing the following:

-What led to the current insufficiency in Middle Georgia for public transportation?

-What factors are intrinsically related to this deficiency?

Data regarding public transportation and vehicles in Middle Georgia.

-What efforts have been implemented by these communities to address the problem?

-How have these issues exacerbated/facilitated the creation of "food deserts"?

-What measures can be executed to rectify the problem?

6 pages in length

Reference no: EM132184480

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