What experiences formed the source of your intuition

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1. Describe a recent decision you made that relied on intuition.

• In your opinion, what experiences formed the source of your intuition?

• Did the decision lead to attainment of the desired outcomes?

• Did your intuition play a positive or negative role in goal attainment? Explain.

2. Follow the steps in the Rational Decision Making model as it concerns Boeing and its new jetliner.

• What did you learn from this about being careful, rational and thorough in decision making?

• Are you sometimes careless and do you sometimes fail to "do your homework" regarding making decisions?

• What has this cost you?

3. Consider Table 12.1 and the System 1 and System 4 organizations. Describe examples of settings in terms of the situational influences described in the chapter which "favor" using either System 1 or 4. Does this mean that organizational design is best determined by situational factors?

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Reference no: EM13942250

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