What evidence is there that mr x managed the class

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Mr. X, a new (neophyte) nurse educator who is struggling with his own anxiety about: (1) performing as a faculty and (2) establishing his own professional identity as a teacher. He opened his class with a short video that ended at a crucial decision point.

He invited the class to discuss the best nursing response to the situation and then to break into small groups and role play various reactions.

After the role3-playing situation, he brought the class back together to discuss what worked, what did not, and why; what concepts they identified; and how they planned to use what they learned in the clinical area?


What evidence is there that Mr. X managed the class?

1- use at least one referrance of the follewing
a- book relateed to education
b- research - based article
c- literature - based article

2- 2-3 pages without referrance & cover page

3- double sapce

4- line size is 12

5- line shape is Times New Roman

Reference no: EM131438637

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