What ethical obligations do all of the stakeholders

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Assessment task - Read ''10 Ethical Issues Confronting IT Managers'' article by Jeff Relkin


Find a recent real-life case related to ANY one of the 10 issues mentioned.

Ensure you cover the following in your report:

  • Describe ethical issue from viewpoints of all of the stakeholders involved
  • Explain why this issue should be resolved via ethical avenues rather than the legal ones
  • What ethical obligations do all of the stakeholders have towards one another and general population?
  • What guidance (if any) can the Australian Computer Society's (ACS) Code of Ethics provide in this case?

Support your arguments with at least 6 references from reputable sources such as books and journal (academic) articles relevant to the subject. Do not use sources that were published before 2010.

2000 words

10 APA reference.

Reference no: EM131215328

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Introduction - this section should introduce the general aims, backgrounds of topics and areas/issues you will discuss in the report. Body - this is where you discuss your findings in detail, where appropriate, headings and sub-headings should be included with the logical progression of your report from one idea to the next. Do not use the word 'Body' as a heading - identify words that relate to your report for the heading. Conclusion - in this section you need to summarise your work and findings. You should introduce no new points in your conclusion. References - this is a list of all the books and articles you have cited in your assessment. Use Harvard (author-date) referencing style for your in-text citations as well as your list of references. You need to reference the case study as well as at least two academic quality journal articles published between 2010-2015.


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In the Presentation assignment you must include the following- Title Page, clearly setting out the title of your assessment, your name, your student ID, the course name, course code and the name of the lecturer. There must be no graphics or pictures of any kind on the title page. Abstract. In this assessment a 'descriptive' abstract will be appropriate. Table of Contents (auto generated using the word processor).

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