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A loan of $ 30,116 is to be financed over a period of 24 months. The bank quotes a nominal rate of 8% for the first 12 months and a nominal rate of 9% for any remaining unpaid balance after 12 months compounded monthly. What equal end-of-the-month payment for 24 months would be required to repay the loan with interest?

(Round the answer to two decimal places)

Reference no: EM132184441

Derive overall demand-side equilibrium expression for GDP

Assume C = co + c1 (Y-T) I = bo + b1Y – b2i M/P = d1Y – d2i Derive IS and LM equations using above assumptions. Derive overall demand-side equilibrium expression for GDP (Y).

Cost of producing the current level of output

A firm uses steel and aluminum to produce auto parts. The current input mix used by the firm is such that the marginal product of aluminum is equal to 800 units, while the mar

Impact the supply and demand for gasoline

Suppose a war breaks out in the Middle East, which raised the price of gasoline in the United States. How would this impact the supply and demand for gasoline in the Unites St

What nominal interest rate is being charged on this loan

The Credit Company offers to loan a college student $6300 for school expenses. Repayment of the loan will be in monthly installments of $266.73 for 30 months. What nominal int

Write the direct demand function

Where P is the price of good X, M is the average income of consumers who buy good X and Pr is the price of related good R. The current values of M and Pr are expected to be

Sovereign wealth funds significantly increased

Through the summer and fall of? 2008, as the global financial crisis began to take? hold, international financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds significantly increas

The bill of rights was not added to the us constitution

What are The Bill of Rights and who pushed for them to become part of the US Constitution? What would have happened if The Bill of Rights was not added to the US Constitution?

A monopolist faces the demand curve the cost function

A monopolist faces the demand curve Q = 60-P/2. The cost function is C=Q2. Find the output that maximises this monopolist’s profits. What are the prices at profits and that ou


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