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A loan of $ 30,116 is to be financed over a period of 24 months. The bank quotes a nominal rate of 8% for the first 12 months and a nominal rate of 9% for any remaining unpaid balance after 12 months compounded monthly. What equal end-of-the-month payment for 24 months would be required to repay the loan with interest?

(Round the answer to two decimal places)

Reference no: EM132184441

What is the firm average cost at this output

The W Company is a member of the beef industry, which is perfectly competitive. The price of a beef is $60. The firm’s total cost function is TC = 100 + 10Q + 5Q2 where TC is

Blood pressure is normally distributed random variable

Jim's systolic blood pressure is normally distributed random variable with a mean of 145 mmHg and a standard deviation of 20 mmHg. If Jim's systolic blood pressure is taken at

Suppose the fed conducts an open market purchase

Suppose the Fed conducts an open market purchase by buying $10 million in Treasury bonds from Acme Bank. Sketch out the balance sheet changes that will occur as Acme converts

Classify the economic system of the country

For the country you examined in discussion 1, use the summary of types of economic systems to classify the economic system of the country. Is this an evolving economic syste

Offered the alternative of receiving

Suppose you are offered the alternative of receiving either $2,007 at the end of five years or $1,500 today. There is no question that the $2,007 will be paid in full (i.e. th

Consider the situation of an inverted yield curve

Consider the situation of an inverted yield curve. What does this mean? Why is it unusual? Under the theories of the term structure, why is an inverted yield curve considered

What is the size of the firms profit

Suppose that a monopolistically competitive restaurant is currently serving 230 meals per day (the output where MR=MC). At that output level. ATC per meal is $10 and consumers

Find the firms expected profit

A competitive firm has the following cost function: The firm believes the market price for thier product will be $12 with probablility 0.57. Otherwise, they believe the market


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