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Assignment Description: First, determine what elements are needed to make a subpoena, deposition, court order, and warrant legal. Describe your findings in a 1-page paper.

Then, perform a web search to find sample policies on release of information (ROI), specifically related to court orders or subpoenas. Compare at least two polices and summarize. Then, develop a policy and procedure for the practices to follow when a subpoena is received. Consider the findings in your comparison of ROI policies. Your policy should defend your findings. Be specific in designing steps that should be taken to comply with legal requirements and to protect the patient's right to privacy. Include relevant information concerning depositions and warrants. Be sure to address HIPAA, ARRA, HITECH regulations in your policy, and incorporate any laws and regulations that apply to your own state. Identify the components that are needed to make a subponea, deposition, court order, or warrant legal.

Use at least two outside resources, and be sure to cite your references using APA style. Your assignment should be a minimum of four (4) pages, and should reflect proper spelling and grammar.

Reference no: EM131379247

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