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Julie is a student who earns $9,000 working part-time at the college ice cream shop in 2012. She has no other income. Her medical expenses for the year totaled $2,700. During the year, she suffered a casualty loss of 3,500 when her apartment caught on fire. Julie contributed $1,950 to her church. On the advice of her parents, Julie is trying to decide whether to contribute $1,000 to the traditional IRA her parents have set up for her. What effect would the IRA contribution have on Julie's itemized deductions?

Reference no: EM13127613

What was the gross profit margin of the firm

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Explain what is AQ&Q's indifference level of EBIT and provide its current situation, might it benefit from increasing or decreasing its use of debt? Explain.

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FIN/ International Corporate Finance Case Study Assignment. As of 1986, what are the primary economic and non-economic variables determining the future profitability of GDF's

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What specific methods can you use to forecast individual financial statement items, such as SG&A? Discuss.- How can you obtain a discount rate for use in your financial analy

Compute the present value of the complete package

As a result of a slowdown in operations, Mercantile Stores is offering to employees who have been terminated a severance package of $ 100,000 cash; another $ 100,000 to be pai


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