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Question: With a introduction followed by summary to the following:

Research the following philosophical approaches to ethics-sometimes referred to as "straw men." Some ethics scholars consider these approaches as exemplifying the inherent challenges in determining guidelines for ethical decision making in a multi-national organization.

The Friedman Doctrine.
Cultural Relativism.
The Righteous Moralist.
The Naive Immoralist.

Write an analysis of the role that social responsibility plays in doing business internationally. To guide your analysis, consider the organizational structures and hierarchies of any organization involved in international business. In the analysis, address the following questions:

What effect does an organization's ethical standing, or reputation, have on its business abroad?

Will any of these philosophical approaches to ethics work in the organization you have in mind? Why or why not?

How does a particular philosophical approach to ethics reflect on an organization and its managers?


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It is the duty of the business organizations to follow ethical laws and practices. While analyzing the aspects explained by Straw men we can able to understand that, business has follow certain principles and guidelines in order for achieving the goals and objectives (Snyder 2011,p.212). Now we can analyze the four approaches which used by the international business organizations for taking ethical decisions

The Friedman Doctrine

According to the words of Milton Friedman (1970) the prime objective of business organization is to provide services to the society in an ethical way. The organization can able to gain profits only by doing CSR (Corporate social responsibility) activities. He also suggested that organizations have to integrate ethical principles with the CSR activities (Friedman 2013, p.213).

Cultural Relativism

Ethics and cultural aspects are related, in order for managing the employees and organizations the management has to focus on the cultural aspects. Employees are from different places and different cultures, so the company has to respect the values and social norms in an effective way.

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