What economic factor drove your mnc to invest in the country

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One multinational, in the industry you studied, that is entering the country you did for your photostory.

MNC: Chobani

Country: Australia

Industry: Agriculture

Roughly answer the following questions:

In the overview section:

What does my company do?

Where does it operate?

What are its internationalisation strategies?

How well is your firm doing (in terms of revenues, turnover and so forth)?

In the analysis section:

What national economic, regulatory or cultural factors drove your MNC to invest in the country?

What theories that you have learnt in this course fit best with the pattern of investment of your

MNC before they entered your country?

Did the company have problems with the country's institutions, culture, competition, consumer culture?

Did they solve these problems?

In the evaluation section:

What do you feel you have learnt specifically through your research about how you ensure a good internationalisation process?

Provide all theories, statistics and specific events with a reference. We use in this course the Harvard system of referencing, please refer to the RMIT Guide on referencing for various types of referencing.

In the case of a technical failure with Turnitin please keep documentation that was given to you like notifications or emails.

Reference no: EM13852042

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