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Module Two Case Study Guidelines and Rubric

Overview: This case study will help you practice analyzing a patient record. This case will focus specifically on cardiovascular and hematopoietic treatment.

Prompt: Consider the following scenario: At age 63, Ms. Breene lived a sedentary life as a clerk in a small insurance company. She would joke that, since her dog died, her only exercise was walking back and forth to her car. She had talked with friends about joining the local health club, and it was on her to-do list, perhaps when she retired in a couple of years.

Shortly before lunch one morning, someone at work found Ms. Breene at her desk in a confused and unresponsive state. A colleague drove her to the emergency room, where elevated cardiac markers and EKG changes showed that Ms. Breene had suffered a myocardial infarction.

The ER doctor prescribed oxygen by mask, anticoagulants, a thrombolytic, analgesics, and a bronchodilator. In a short paper, the following critical elements must be addressed:

· ? Identify the incorrect medication/drug classification/treatment and explain why it is incorrect.

· ? What drug classification would you use instead? Why?

· ? Provide an example of a generic medication from each drug classification. How would each of the medications/treatments in the scenario act on the

patient's body?

Support your answer with relevant resources.


Guidelines for Submission: Your answers to the questions can be in short-answer or bullet-point form when appropriate. Use 12-point Times New Roman font,one-inch margins, and APA format for any citations.

Reference no: EM131356560

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