What does this mission statement mean to customers

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Now that you, Sofia, and Shawn have completed some basic research about the business you selected in week 1, we will continue to examine this business for best practices. We will look at strategies, goals, and organizational structure.

Your report should cover the following points. Your report should be approximately 2 pages long, and you should use at least two credible resources. Once again, there is a template under General Information below. The headings in this outline are already in the report template for you to use.


Identify the business.

Provide a very brief description of this business.

Mission Statement

Provide the mission statement for this company.

In your opinion, what does this mission statement mean to employees?

What does this mission statement mean to customers?

Strategic Goals

Identify and describe one strategic goal you have located on the company's website.

How does this strategic goal support the mission statement?

SWOT Analysis

Identify one strength for this business.

Identify one weakness for this business.

Identify one opportunity for this business.

Identify one threat for this business.

Organizational Structure

How is this business structured? Divisional, functional, or matrix?

Support your opinion.


Based upon what you have researched about this company, do you believe this business is a learning organization? Support your opinions and conclusions.

Reference no: EM132280753

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