What does the word gestalt mean in german

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1)  A. Describe the three schools of psychological thought that became popular when psychology emerged as a discipline. Make sure you describe the major theorists associated with each school as well as the goal of each of these perspectives.

B. The Gestalt psychologists belonged to a movement that began in Germany and became influential in the 1920s. What does the word "Gestalt" mean in German and why is it well suited to this theory? How did Gestalt psychologists study the organization of the visual world? Name four Gestalt principles and give an example that illustrates each principle.

2) A. There is no way to estimate the heritability of a trait or behavior directly, and so scientists must infer it. Explain, in detail, two approaches that are used.

B. One well-known theory of intelligence, the triarchic theory proposed by Robert Sternberg, distinguishes three different aspects of intelligence.  Explain each of these aspects in detail.

Reference no: EM131339502

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