What does the term baroque mean

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Format: Typed (word-processed) in a 12-point font - Times New Roman or similar, double spaced, 1 inch margins; heading in upper left corner giving name, course number, assignment, and date; title centered above body of essay. Submit in .rtf or Microsoft Word format ONLY.

For the Second Micro Essay, please choose one of the two questions listed below and answer it in the form of a short paragraph. These questions come from the readings related to vocal and instrumental music of the Baroque Era. Please answer in the space provided in this form and 250 -280 words (answers with significantly fewer words are fine if they can answer the chosen question fully).

A. What does the term "Baroque" mean? Where does it come from? What is it about music of the Baroque Era that might have prompted that term? Do you believe it is an appropriate term for that era?

B. How did music of the Baroque Era express moods? How did they refer to these?

Reference no: EM131215834

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