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Question: 1. Site Name: Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)

Background Information: CLIA's primary objective is to help the some 16,000 CLIA affiliated agencies become more successful at capitalizing on the growing and profitable cruise market. CLIA has 25 member lines that represent 97% of the cruise industry capacity.

1. You are working for a travel agency and have a family in your office. You realize early in the conversation that the wife is very interested in a cruise but the husband has some definite reservations. After probing for several minutes, the husband identifies the following concerns and questions he has about cruises: (1) I will get bored and feel confined, (2) I am afraid I will get sea sick, (3) cruises are only for rich people, (4) what can you do with kids on a ship, and (5) what is there to do at night? How would you address these concerns/questions in order to sell this family a cruise?

2. Choose a cruise line and develop a summary of entertainment features the cruise line offers.

3. Choose a cruise line and identify what packages they offer for honeymooners and families with children.

2. Site Name: Air Transport Association (ATA)

Background Information: The Air Transport Association of America is the trade organization of principal U.S. airlines. ATA airline members and their affiliates transport more than 90 percent of all U.S. airline passenger and cargo traffic.

1. What does the site say about airline safety?

2. What is the forecast for future air travel?

3. What did you find useful or interesting about this site?

Reference no: EM132234256

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