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Developing_Research Priorities at DHS S&T Directorate-"https://class.coloradotech.edu/CbFileShareCommon/ctu/HLS330/Assignment_Assets/Developing_Research%20Priorities_at_DHS_SandT_Directorate.pdf"

S&T for a Safer Nation- https://class.coloradotech.edu/CbFileShareCommon/ctu/HLS330/Assignment_Assets/SandT_for_a_Safer_Nation.pdf

The Science and Technology Division of DHS is divided into six operating units for research and development of technology, as well as means and methods of enhancing and protecting the integrity of the security of the United States.

FEMA's Building Science Branch consists of subject matter experts who work to develop tools used to foster a disaster-resilient environment.

In this assignment, you will research and examine the various aspects of federal science and technology organizations.

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in a research paper of 750-1,000 words:

Research 3 Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) science and technology organizations.

The following are examples:

Borders and Maritime Security Division

Chemical and Biological Division

Command, Control, and Interoperability Division

Explosives Division

Human Factors Behavioral Sciences Division

Infrastructure and Geophysical Division

Building Science Branch

Describe and discuss the selected organizations with regard to the following:

What are the organizational goals? Explain.

What are the organization's functions, activities, operations, and exercises? Describe and summarize them.

What does the organization produce? Explain.

Presently, what are the contributions made by the organization? Be as specific as possible.

Assuming you work for the DHS Science and Technology Division, what would be your argument to convince an angry audience of protestors that a controversial tool, such as scanning vansor facial recognition technology, is in the best interest of security?

How do these not constitute an illegal search requiring probable cause?

Even if you disagree, you must play devil's advocate and fully support your argument.

Compile your responses into the final research paper, and submit the file to your instructor.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Reference no: EM131188688

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