What does the existence of life in such environments

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This chapter provides an explanation of what leads to the emergent properties of water and how these properties provide conditions for living organisms to thrive. At one time, it was thought that living things could be found only where a moderate range of abiotic factors (such as temperature & pH) existed.

Since the discovery of extremophiles, micro-organisms that thrive in extreme environments, our understanding of where life can exist has changed. Some extremophiles live in hot, acidic sulfur springs and some even live near the openings of deep ocean hydrothermal vents.

What does the existence of life in such environments say about the possibility of life on other planets?

Reference no: EM13986126

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Tube of smallerdiameter than in one of wider diameter

Adhesion and cohesion cooperate to allow water to rise in thintubes made of hydrophilic material, such as glass. this phenomenonis called capillary action. water molecule adhe

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The research team used the setup to study the incorporation of labelled nucleotides into culture lymphocytes and found that the lymphocytes incorporated the labelled nucleotid

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Describe the path of blood through the heart, starting at the right atrium. What is the function of the heart? Explain the process of heart disease. What is happening to the c


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