What does the debt-equity ratio need to be for the firm

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A firm wants to create a weighted average cost of capital (WACC) of 10.4 percent. The firm's cost of equity is 14.5 percent and its pre-tax cost of debt is 8.5 percent. The tax rate is 34 percent. What does the debt-equity ratio need to be for the firm to achieve its target WACC?

Reference no: EM13303854

Business auto protection approach

Likewise with standard auto protection, business auto protection approaches come in different shapes and sizes, with diverse sorts of strategy offering various types and lev

What are some of the reasons for this requirement

Employers continue to emphasize good communication skills as one of the most important qualifications for screening career-school and business graduates. What are some of th

Technical solutions or organizational solutions alone.

Information technology - eight to ten pages. How taking a socio-technical perspective can be more productive in helping organizations manage information overload than eith

How much is net working capital

Building a Balance Sheet Brees, Inc., has current assets of $7,500, net fixed assets of $28,900, current liabilities of $5,900, and long-term debt of $18,700. What is the va

Determine additional revenue needed

The management of an amusement park is planning buying a new ride for $80,000 that would have a useful life of ten years and a salvage value of 10,000.

University of florida marketing graduate

Marie Snell recently inherited some bonds (face value $200,000) from her father, and soon thereafter she became engaged to Sam Spade, a University of Florida marketing gradu

Analysis of capital structure plans

Examine the following capital structure plans. You will use the EBIT-EPS analysis to evaluate the two plans. One plan is all equity and one has debt and equity.

Dividend-yield-plus-growth-rate approach to calculate

Wyatt Inc. uses the dividend-yield-plus-growth-rate approach to calculate the cost of equity. Investors expect Wyatt's year-end dividend (D1) to be $3.00 a share, its expec


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