What does the cfe acronym stand for

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1. What does the CFE acronym stand for?

2. Search for the criteria to apply for membership to the ACFE. List the requirements and any fees for the different membership levels that must be paid with the application.

3. Search for the criteria regarding the CFE exam. What study options do you have available through the ACFE to prepare for the CFE exam? What are the fees associated with the options? Are they different for students?

4. What are the names of the sections of the CFE exam?

5. What do you need to qualify to become a CFE?

6. Where is the ACFE global headquarters located?

7. How many members does the ACFE currently have?

8. What is included in the Self-Study option for the CFE exam? Be specific - exam parts, of questions, etc.

9. Can students join the ACFE? What requirements are there? What benefits do students get from their membership? This just recently changed.

Reference no: EM131414508

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