What does the american political landscape look like

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Activity: Creating a Research Question Hierarchy Web

How do we start answering broad questions? We begin by exploration and investigative deconstruction. Examine the list of research questions formulated by the Pew Research Center in the last 10 years:

• What does the American political landscape look like?

• Who are the Millennials?

• How is religion changing in America and around the world?

• How is the American family changing?

• What is the state of American journalism?

• How is the face (overall diversity) of America changing?

• How have the U.S. wars of the past decade changed America and the world?

• How has the internet changed society?

After reviewing this list, choose a question that stands out to you. Then, create a web of questions that spawn from one another, breaking down the broad question into smaller, more manageable questions. Do this for as many divisions and subdivisions as you see fit, and organize your questions based on these headings.

Reference no: EM13970888

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