What does it mean to censor art
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Question: Let's continue our discussion about art and the public by looking more at censorship. Below are some questions to consider. You may answer one or more of them; I'm just looking for a thoughtful response (at least 3-4 sentences), plus at least one substantive reply to another student.

1. What does it mean to "censor" art?

2. Who can censor? Who is able to, who is allowed to, and why?

• For the US, think about the Constitution: what does it say about "free speech" and how does it apply to art?

3. What might cause an artwork to be censored?

4. Should art ever be censored?

• Why or why not?

Use one or more of the following textbook sections and articles as examples for your discussion, or you may introduce your own as long as they are related to art and censorship. (Remember artsy news is one good resource.)

• Marc Quinn, Self (1991); see also pg. 38 in Gateways to Art

• Chris Ofili, The Holy Virgin Mary (1996)

• Andres Serrano, Piss Christ (1987); see also pg. 589-590 in Gateways to Art

• Is Ai Weiwei China's Most Dangerous Man?; see also pg. 40-41 in Gateways to Art

• Shirin Neshat, Women Without Men (2010); see also pg. 554 in Gateways to Art

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