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In a minimum of 300 words, write a dialogue between two theorists from your assigned Lesson 3 readings. The topic of the dialogue is "What does it mean to be free?" Each of your chosen theorists should address this topic from a different philosophical perspective.

Select two of the perspectives below to use in your dialogue:

  • The superman view - Nietzsche
  • The psychoanalytic view - Freud
  • The behaviorist view - Skinner and Mead
  • The existentialist view - Sartre 
  • The influence of gender on the development of personal identity - de Beauvoir
  • The influence of race on the development of personal identity - Zack

(For an example of a dialogue, review Schopenhauer's:  A Dialogue on Immortality, pp. 29-30)

Finally, write a concluding paragraph about which perspective aligns most closely to your own personal theory of human nature and personal identity.


Reference no: EM13979522

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