What does he mean by the term human blacklisting

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In Henk Van Houtum's article (in Twine) "Human Blacklisting", he describes three dimensions of the border-production process. Describe these three dimensions. What does he mean by the term "human blacklisting?" Do you see any correlation between the process he describes as taking place in Europe with the discussion about immigration in this country?

Reference no: EM13513025

Write a python program which satisfies following requirement

Write a program that asks the user for the name of a file. The program should display the contents of the file with each line preceded with a line number followed by a colon.

Explain the origins of organized crime and its several forms

Explain the origins of organized crime, its several forms, and critically evaluate the means by which law enforcement agencies have been able to combat it. Provide a rationa

What are the implications of multiculturalism

What are the implications of multiculturalism and what affect does this concept have on societies as technology advances and more and more countries become "multi-cultural?"

Calculate the reactor power for a reactor

Calculate the reactor power for a reactor that has a thermal neutron flux of 10^15n/cm2s, a core volume of 1500cm3, and a macroscopic cross section for fission 0.421 cm-1.

Find a weakness in the same argument

Do Sex Differences in Careers in Mathematics and Sciences Have A Biological Basis? Select the one side of the argument that you feel most persuasive and also find a weakness i

Regulation and the greater good

Regulation and the Greater Good. After viewing The Crisis of Credit Visualized video, respond to each of the following: a. How could government regulations have prevented or

Developing an optimal nutrition plan

Once you have done this, develop an optimal nutrition plan for two days incorporating as many of these heart healthy foods as necessary.

Why are not americans healthier

Why aren't Americans healthier? U.S. News & World Report. Strout, K. A., & Howard, E. P. (2012). The six dimensions of wellness and cognition in aging adults. Journal of Holi


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