What does gini coefficient measure

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1- a) What does Gini coefficient measure?

b) Discuss in detail the effects of income inequality on a nation's economy.

c) Do you think that globalization is increasing or reducing global and domestic inequality? Use examples to illustrate your points.

2- a) Does global climate change exist?

b) Explain why it is important to understand the dynamics of global change.

c) Discuss the underlying causes of global climate change. d) What are the possible solutions for this phenomenon?

3- a) What does biodiversity mean?

b) Explain, in details, why one should be concerned about biodiversity.

c) Who or what is the "rebel organism"? Discuss the role of rebel organisms in an ecosystem.

Reference no: EM131322910

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Cultural diversity in the us-culture shock

Read the additional articles for the chapter-especially the Nacirema example-before attempting this assignment. You may also find it helpful to revisit the excerpt in your t


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