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There is two part in this assignment


1-What does ethics have to do with recruiting and please define ethics?

2-What is your opinin on selection processes around the world?

3-What bias do you think you might have and is it important to take bias into consideration in your opinion?

2- Assignment

1) What are the advantages and disadvantages of external and internal recruiting within an organization?

2) Read about campus recruiting (p. 259) and on validity of educational level for selection. What are the main ethical issues that the text brings up and do you agree with their viewpoint?

3) Define the following terms:

Blind Ad
Countercyclical hiring
Employee Leasing
Rules related to job posting
Informal Methods of recruiting
Formal Methods of recruiting

4) Distinguish between recruiting targeted groups, executive searches, campus recruiting, and older worker recruiting. Comment on the goal of each group and how they are similar or different from each other.

5) How is affirmative action recruiting, disabled workers recruiting, disadvantaged workers recruiting, done and why is it important?

6) Define the following terms:

Additive Models
Multiple cutoff
Multiple Hurdle
Profile Matching

7) Think back on the various job interviews that you have participated in and describe the interviewing methods that were used and whether you feel they were valid and reliable.

8) Read the article entitled, "There is more utility than meets the eye" (p. 304) and give your opinion in short paragraph

9) Read the article entitled "Selection Techniques around the World" (p357), and give your opinion in a short paragraph

10) Do you agree or disagree that integrity testing is a good idea? Please write a short paragraph outlining your viewpoints.

Reference no: EM13222893

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