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1) Is current immigration policy seriously treated as a national security issue?

On every level our immigration policy is not treated as s serious national security issue. Why so because it has been stated in Andreas, Peters Book Border Games that Illegal border crossing has been a product of border establishment, so in this we have created our own issue. How the state chooses a practice and shapes how we see the immigration policy compared to what really happens to immigrants when crossing the border. Our interaction procedure as a nation with immigrants is no more then when immigrants cross they are simply sent back over the border. However media shows the U.S. law enforcement enforcing a border, therefore giving us an idea that border control is effective and is not an issue. However the issue is still lays the more law enforcement the more migrants spread out and find further and or new inventive ways to cross the border. The answer is simple as "Kenichi Ohmae" states the need for a border-less world.

How was it treated prior to 9/11?

The border was treated in several different aspects prior to 9/11, dividing the rich from the poor, then to reinforce against illegal flow of goods. As history moved forwarded "In the post-Cold War era of economic integration, many states are less worried about deterring militaries or imposing tariffs on commerce than about keep out ‘"undesirables." (Andreas, Peter) 2009.After this we had border policing which was state rules by making and maintaining border line. This meant law enforcement to enforce such policies, with escalating policy brought more power and wealth, and demand for border crossing. With escalation on both sides it seems to be a cycle of more policy more law enforcement, which means more loss of border control. It has been stated before we have never had effective control of our border line, it has always been a state of reacting or responding to an increase of border smuggling.

2) What does open, but closed borders mean?

Our open, but closed border, is more symbolic and more imaging then anything. Also our open border concept put in place law enforcement so the state can enforce policies by placement of law enforcement. The problem of over all border crossing has slowed but new smuggling techniques have replaced the pace at which it is happening.

3) What does Customs border authority entail?

Border authority is only done so by ‘customs officers which include, officers of Bureau of Customs of the Treasury Department, commission warrant, or petty officers of the Coast Guard, and or any agent or authorized by law or designated by Secretary of Treasury to perform any duties of an officer of the Customs Service.' (CBP. Border Authority&= amp;= lt;= /em>). Customs officer do not enforce law but duties are to collect goods brought in undetected or hidden from Customs Officer. Our nation has a right to protect itself as a nation to stop and or ensure individuals are not bringing in or taking out prohibited merchandise. As an individual you are entering another nation with knowledge of this therefore in agreement with a moral class and therefore forfeit your person for search of such items as well as personal property.

4) What is the functional equivalent of the border?

The functional equivalent of the border is to protect the revenue of the United States. Which are the duties of taxing goods, because the U.S. customs main federal source of income came from these taxes.

5) What are border searches under the fourth amendment?

The border searches under the forth amendment are that law enforcement officials only have warrant to search if probable cause is just. Meaning there are boundaries, and conduct to be followed, such as reason of cause at border search. All of thee above fall into, protecting U.S. revenue, reducing expectation of privacy at border, right to posses imported merchandise until duties are paid, and national self protection. There is also outbound search in place that allows a custom officer to search for merchandise at border and extending border.

References- Andreas, Peter. Border Games: Policing the U.S.-Mexico Divide, Second E= = = dition. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2009.

Reference no: EM13865389

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