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What do you think would be the “fair” way to resolve this case? Should the company be required to pay 5/8 employees double time even though that benefit has never been negotiated, and so, arguably, the company has never received any exchange for this benefit? Or should those employees who have in good faith accepted overtime work believing they would be paid double time, even though their contract did not say they would, have to give up this benefit and get nothing in return?

Reference no: EM131278419

Realistic for alliance data systems

Do you think it is realistic for Alliance Data Systems (a company who provides transportation processing, credit services and marketing services to clients based in retail, co

Stereotypes interfere with intercultural communication

Explain why stereotypes interfere with intercultural communication. How can we avoid stereotyping in the workplace? Please choose one specific type of stereotype and discuss h

Discuss the numerical outcomes of measurement

Define measurement. Discuss the numerical outcomes of measurement, including types of data. What do staffing professionals need to know about measurements? Be certain to discu

What key operations decisions helped crocs develop

What key operations decisions helped Crocs develop a competitive advantage over other shoe manufacturers? What are Crocs’ Footware operations objectives in the footwear indust

Contrast the implications of using social media

Today’s informal organization is greatly affected by social media. Compare and contrast the implications of using social media and how it might have affected your current posi

Community on the importance of vaccination

Determine the factors needed to form a committee to educate the community on the importance of vaccination among children? What factors would contribute to your selections and

Using the six sigma principle

Identify a time when reengineering was necessary using the Six Sigma principle. Defend with detailed information why the old processes were not useful in obtaining the organiz

Departmentalize health care facility

Determine how you would departmentalize a health care facility that requires 5 different departments? Name your departments and explain how you would organize each department.


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