What do you think plusses and minuses are

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Question: First: Make note of your thoughts on immigration before you begin this assignment.

• What do you think plusses and minuses are?

• Is immigration good for an economy?

• Does it matter if it is legal or illegal immigration?

• What are sanctuary cities (or states)? Do you agree with the concept of sanctuary cities?

Second: Watch the following two videos...can add any other research you wish...just site the source.

Economics of Immigration: Crash Course Economics #33, 11.20 minutes

Economics of Immigration: Benjamin Powell, 13.51 minutes

Third: Answer the following...

1) Why do people immigrate?

2) Is Immigration good for an economy...What aspects of immigration that are positive to an economy?

3) Is Immigration bad for an economy...What aspects of immigration that are negative to an economy?

Your thoughts:

1) Are you in favor of immigration? Explain

2) Does it matter if it is legal or illegal immigration? Explain

3) What are you thoughts on the "Caravan" ... in favor?? Against?? Explain why...

4) What is a sanctuary city (state)?

5) Do you agree / disagree with this concept? Explain Why?

Reference no: EM132184068

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