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CASE SCENARIO: The CEO has asked you (the Controller) to evaluate a specific company. This project goes beyond the basic financial statement analysis. You can obtain the most recent 10-K reports from sec's website.

First part. Briefly provide company background (one paragraph).

Second part. Your recommendation.

Hint: How did you arrive at your ?recommendation?) Start with a new page, and show one of these two headings:

• Recommendation - Credit Worthiness OR

• Recommendation - Investment Opportunity

Third part. "Appendix" is where you present financial information or other ?meaningful data to support your recommendation.

Turn in hardcopy report. No need to turn in 10-Ks.

Some factors to consider:

1. What do you know about the company?

2. What are the basic financial ratios (liquidity, profitability, solvency)?

3. How do the financial ratios compare with other companies in the same industry?

4. What are the key highlights of the company's financial performance?

5. What are the challenges (strengths and weaknesses) facing this?industry/company?

6. Does the company have a history of solid, steady growth, or the potential to?grow?

7. Has the company weathered the last recession well?

8. How big is the market/demand for the products/services?

9. Who are the major competitors and how successful are they?

10. Who are the major customers?

11. Do the directors and other company officers have a solid track record of success?

12. What is their management style?

13. How much of the company do the directors and officers own?

14. Do you share the same vision and values of the CEO of the company?

15. Can the CEO and leadership team execute their vision?

Reference no: EM132280258

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