What do you identify as the main argument in piece

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What do you identify as the main argument in this piece? What assumptions does the author rely on?

Having identified the claim, does the author provide evidence to support their argument? Explain types.

Evaluate the evidence: Is it convincing or flawed? Sufficient or incomplete? Explain your evaluation. What other evidence could this author use?

Questions for Evidence

• Do you rely on facts? Examples? Firsthand experience?

• Do you include expert testimony? Credible/valued experts?

• Do you cite everyday wisdom?

• Do you use analogies and metaphor?

• What balance will you need?

Evaluating Evidence for Audience

• Is my source current and credible?

• Have a found sufficient evidence (def. more than one or two reasons or illustrations)?

• Do I provide evidence my reader will value or at least accept as reasonable?

• Have arranged my evidence in the best way to address the concerns of my audience?

Remember Toulmin Structure

Locate the main claims and reasons as part of brainstorming or evaluating evidence needed:

Argument: X causes Y

• If your pediatric practice describes the thimerosal controversy to parents and requires informed consent before vaccination, then vaccination rates will decrease. Parents who had never heard of thimerosal will suddenly become worried about it and be afraid to vaccinate their children.

• Claim: Informed consent leads to lower vaccination rates.

• Reason: Informed consent will increase rather than decrease parents' fears by spreading rumor.

• Warrant: Some parents will believe rumors rather than their doctor.

Evidence Needed Brainstorm:

Comparisons between practices that have and have not used informed consent; comparisons of vaccination rates in a practice before and after informed consent; testimony from an incident; survey of parents. -Other examples in which parents have believed rumors rather than their doctors.

Read this with an eye for evidence

Current statistics show that 15% of children are obese. Childhood obesity increases the risk for developing high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and coronary heart disease. In fact, 80% of children diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are overweight. Being obese also lowers children's self-esteem and affects their relationships with their peers. This growing epidemic can be attributed to several factors: genetics, lack of physical activity-children are spending more and more time in front of the television and the computer-and lack of nutritional education. If children were educated about nutrition and exercise, then obesity rates would decline significantly. That's why we must pass a law that requires that nutrition and exercise education be part of the school curriculum for all students in grades K-12.

Unfortunately, it's too late for my 12-year-old brother; he's already been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. But we must take measures to improve the health and well-being of future generations to come.

Reference no: EM13258245

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