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Provide leadership across the organisation Assignment

Purpose of the Assessment - The purpose of this assessment is to assess the student in the following learning outcomes:

1.1. Clarify objectives, values and standards in accordance with organisation's strategic direction

1.2. Establish linkages between organisational objectives, values and standards and the responsibilities of relevant groups and individuals

1.3. Ensure media and language used is appropriate to individuals and group circumstances

1.4. State clear expectations of internal groups and individuals and explain in a manner which builds commitment to the organisation

1.5. Address expectations of the organisation

1.6. Investigate incidents promptly and communicate results clearly to relevant groups and individuals

2.1. Build trust, confidence and respect of diverse groups and individuals, through positive role modelling, and effective communication and consultation

2.2. Embrace, resource and effectively implement improvements to organisational and workplace culture

2.3. Demonstrate understanding of the global environment and new technology in work activities

2.4. Ensure actions convey flexibility and adaptability to change and accessibility

2.5. Ensure consultation and participation in decision making occurs with relevant groups and individuals where appropriate

2.6. Ensure decision making takes into account needs and expectations of both internal and external groups

2.7. Ensure decision making occurs in accordance with risk management plans for all options, and within appropriate timeframes

2.8. Ensure that the organisation is represented positively in the media and community

3.1. Assign accountabilities and responsibilities to teams consistent with their competencies and operational plans

3.2. Ensure teams are resourced to allow them to achieve their objectives

3.3. Empower teams and individuals through effective delegation and support for their initiatives

3.4. Create and maintain a positive work environment

3.5. Encourage teams and individuals to develop innovative approaches to the performance of work

4.1. Model ethical conduct in all areas of work and encourage others to adopt business ethics

4.2. Adapt appropriate interpersonal and leadership styles to meet particular circumstances and situations

4.3. Set and achieve personal objectives and work program outcomes

4.4. Ensure self performance and professional competence is continuously improved through engagement in a range of professional development activities

4.5. Participate regularly in industry/professional networks and groups


There are several scenarios and 16 TASKS in this assessment. The assessment consists on multiple scenarios that are based on workplace situations. You will have to respond to all the tasks by demonstrating your skills and knowledge and within the assessment guidelines and requirements. In some tasks there are templates, forms and tables, which you will have to complete in order to ensure you demonstrate the skills and knowledge to perform the tasks of the particular leadership role.

Need from Task 12 onwards.

TASK 1: Prepare a presentation for inducting new employees (who are from diverse background) to the organisation. Your presentation should be brief and should not exceed more than 10 slides.  The presentation must state:

  • Vision, objectives and values of the organisation
  • How the employees should assist in reaching those organisational goals
  • What you expect from all new employees
  • What they are entitled to do and what they should not do (based on your workplace culture)
  • How you will help them and assist them as a leader

Submit the presentation slides and attach them as APPENDIX 2.

Scenario 1 -

Jane is newly employed as an Assistant Manager who has to manage an existing services team at a large local government department. Being new to the organisation, Jane must become familiar with the expectations of her new employer and with the key objectives of her team as a priority. 

Jane has inherited a team that was dissatisfied with the previous Assistant Manager, who was described as a controlling person who withheld information from the team and took credit for their ideas. As a result many team members feel disillusioned and the team is consistently underperforming (it is not meeting operational objectives).

Jane's new team is diverse. Team members' cultural backgrounds, age, education and skills levels vary widely. Jane needs to develop strategies to build the team's commitment to their set objectives so the team can start to succeed and grow.

On Jane's first day, one team member tells Jane there is an unresolved incident that she needs to deal with. A customer slipped and fell when paying a bill in the reception area and as this is part of Jane's team, she now needs to deal with the incident. The incident occurred two weeks ago when the team was in transition between leaders and follow-up has not occurred.

Jane reviews the WHS policies and procedures, and finds that the organisation doesn't have a comprehensive procedure for investigating and reporting incidents in its administration areas. There is a template for recording the incident's basic details and an incident register that is kept in the human resources unit. The health and safety representative for Jane's area is on long-service leave. The WHS policy merely states:

Incidents are defined as any event that causes injury, potential injury or may be classified as a 'near miss'. All incidents shall be recorded in the incident register, which must be readily accessible.

TASK 2: Suggest a communication strategy for Jane to review the organisation's objectives with her team.

TASK 3: Jane needs to prepare an electronic presentation to her new team to communicate expectations in a way that builds commitment. Provide an outline of the points Jane should include in her presentation.

TASK 4: Jane is to develop an incident investigation and reporting procedure that incorporates the assessment and treatment of risks to injury in the workplace. What should she include?

TASK 5: Outline the legislation, regulations, standards, codes or bylaws that Jane needs to abide by in resolving all incidents or workplace related issues such as employment laws, employment standards, employee performance, work safety, diversity & discrimination, information privacy, and environmental regulations. Explain and guide her why she needs to clearly understand them for her leadership role.

Scenario 2 -

Jane has been working in her new job as a team leader in a local government department for two months. She is working towards building a positive team environment and culture but there is still a long way to go. Jane strives to be a positive influence and role model by sharing information, helping and assisting team members, supporting team members with resources and information and also encouraging discussion and team work. Jane has been informed by senior management that the long-awaited and much-dreaded computer system upgrade is to be implemented in her department in the next three months. This is because the organisation wants to update with new technologies.

She is asked to provide feedback and decide which of the two proposed systems will suit her department's activities better: option one is the PRO356 and option two is the LXS841 system. As well, Jane needs to develop a risk management plan for senior management covering the introduction of the new system for her department. Jane is concerned about how her team will respond to the IT changes. Jane has turned to you as her mentor for support. Read the questions below and provide some strategies for Jane that address the needs outlined in each question.

TASK 6:  List and explain any four actions that Jane can take to ensure she has the trust and confidence of the team.

TASK 7: Outline any four methods Jane could use to effectively include and consult with her team about the proposed changes.

TASK 8: List three resources/considerations Jane will need to take into account to ensure the new computer system can be implemented successfully.

TASK 9: Identify the potential risks and risk management strategy for Jane in her implementation of the new system.

TASK 10: What leadership style/s (Autocratic, democratic, Situation or transformational) should Jane demonstrate to effectively promote the change? Explain your reasoning based on the situation.

Scenario 3 -

Jane has now worked in the local government department as a team leader for six months. Her team is beginning to work more effectively together. Jane's objective is to continue to develop her team members so they feel empowered and encouraged to suggest new and innovative ways of working.

A key strategy to further develop the team is through increasing team members' responsibilities. This will provide training and development opportunities for the team. Jane needs to consider how to delegate so she can assign new tasks to team members. She identifies three team members who have expressed an interest in taking on more responsibilities. Jane begins to delegate tasks to these three team members.

Gill is the currently the team's administrative assistant and is interested in managing the budgets. She is also keen to undertake further studies in managing finances. Dephti is interested in marketing and wants to become involved in the marketing strategy. Mai currently does data entry but is more interested in customer service and sales.

Read the questions below and provide some strategies for Jane that address the needs outlined in each question.

TASK 11: Outline the steps in delegation that Jane should follow.

TASK 12: Jane needs to conduct a training needs analysis for the team members to ensure they can take on increased responsibilities and new tasks, as well as develop a training plan to address gaps. As a leader you participate and provide support to Jane so that she can conduct a training needs analysis and develop recommendations to address gaps for Gill, based on the following template. To complete this template use one of your co-workers to act this role-play as Gill while you be the manager who is Jane. This is the first section of the role-play. Attach a script after the template.

TASK 13: Outline how Jane can support her team to complete their delegated tasks. To complete this task use one of your co-workers to act this role-play as Jane while you be the manager. This is the second section of the role-play. Attach the role-play script inside the textbox below.

Scenario 4 -

Jane has been a team leader in a local government department for 12 months now. Her key achievements during that time have included changing the culture of her team to one that takes pride in achievement, implementing the new computer system and facilitating positive work relationships. Jane reflects on the skills she still needs to develop and identifies the following list:

  • Increase knowledge of leadership strategies
  • Increase knowledge of industry best practice
  • Represent the organisation at industry seminars and conferences
  • Develop more business networks
  • Improve negotiation skills
  • Increase knowledge of IT communication systems such as video conferencing
  • Improve skills in conducting performance reviews

Read the questions that follow and provide some strategies for Jane that address the needs outlined in each question.

TASK 14: Consider three professional development opportunities for Jane in the next 12 months. Prepare a learning and development plan based on the following template for Jane to improve her knowledge and skills. To complete this task use one of your co-workers to act this role-play as Jane while you be the manager. This is the third section of the role-play. Attach a script after the template.

TASK 15: Develop a three minute PITCH to encourage and explain Jane the benefits of participating regularly in business networks. To complete this task use one of your co-workers to act this role-play as Jane while you be the manager. This is the fourth and last section of the role-play.

Scenario 5 -

Statement of business ethics

The purpose of this Statement of Business Ethics is to raise private sector awareness of public sector values.  It is critical that Council and its private sector contractors, suppliers, consultants, tenderers or business partners have mutual expectations of the relationship.  This Statement defines the principles of conduct that are expected of both parties in order to ensure the integrity and professionalism of both organisations is enhanced and is a statement of Council's values and systems of accountability.

The Council is committed to ethical business practices based on public duty principles. Council's business principles are as follows:

  • All procurement is conducted on the basis of value for money
  • All business relationships with external parties will be transparent
  • Procurement and appointment decisions will be based on merit and will be impartial and will not take extraneous issues into account
  • Council procurement decision making processes will be open (where practicable) and accountable.

Value for money means an estimate of the worth or desirability of the goods or services offered.  This can include such factors as initial cost, whole of life cost, quality, the extent to which the goods or services meet the specified requirements and also social and environmental responsibilities. Transparency means visible and verifiable confirmation of the integrity of the purchasing process and compliance with relevant legislation and adopted Council procedures. Impartiality means the purchasing process must be undertaken in a fair, objective, consistent and businesslike manner, leading to improved performance and cost effective methods of doing business for Council.  It does not mean pleasing everyone.  We strive to be impartial by ensuring that our processes are appropriate.

TASK 16: Prepare a meeting presentation that you plan to deliver to your department (that includes Jane, other team leaders and other team members) in regards to business ethics and employee ethical conduct. Your presentation slides must not exceed more than 10 slides and must cover the following topics:

  • What is business ethics?
  • State your own personal beliefs to your staff members.
  • Why our organisation needs to be ethical?
  • What do you expect from the council staff members?
  • What are the expectations of contractors and other business partners?
  • Develop and mention your rules and policies to Incentives, gifts, benefits, hospitality, meals, travel & accommodation.
  • Explain your staff members what conflict of interest is and how they are supposed to avoid such situations.

Submit the presentation slides and attach them as APPENDIX 3.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar

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    Australian student, Need from Task 12 onwards, around 1000 words and slides for last task as per requirements. The assessment is to be completed according to the instructions given by your assessor. Feedback on each task will be provided to enable you to determine how your work could be improved. You will be provided with feedback on your work within two weeks of the assessment due date. All other feedback will be provided by the end of the term. Should you not answer the questions correctly, you will be given feedback on the results and your gaps in knowledge. You will be given another opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to be deemed competent for this unit of competency. If you are not sure about any aspects of this assessment, please ask for clarification from your assessor. Please refer to the College re-assessment for more information (Student Handbook).

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    Additional instructions as follows: TASK 1 requires an electronic presentation and slides as evidence. Further details mentioned within the task. (10 marks). TASK 2, TASK 3, TASK 4, TASK 5, TASK 6, TASK 7, TASK 8, TASK 9, TASK 10, and TASK 11 has equal marks. (Each carries 4 marks. Total 40 marks). TASK 12, TASK 13, TASK 14 and TASK 15 requires a role-play session where all the four tasks are to combine within the role-play. Your co-learner can be your partner for the role-play session. You must also submit role-play scripts for all four sessions as evidence. (Each carries 10 marks. Total 40 marks). TASK 16 requires an electronic presentation and slides as evidence. Further details mentioned within the task. (10 marks)

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