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You are an explorer within a foreign land and you have been living with a local forest tribe that you know has had problems with the enroachment of the country's government into their tribal lands. Late one night, the village you are staying in is raided by a local military unit and everyone is taken prisoner. Early the next morning, the commander of the unit comes to you and apologizes for your imprisonment. He explains that foreigners are greatly valued in this society and he would like to bestow an honor upon you. He summons a group of ten captive tribesmen before you and tells you that he will give you this choice (as an honored guest in this land): a) you may choose to shoot one tribesman for his crimes against the government and the others will be released (presumably having learned their lesson) or b) you may choose not to shoot anyone and then the soldiers will execute the men of the village.

What would a Kantian agent do here (use the Categorical Imperative, both HEI and UL formulations, to justify your answer)? What do you do in this circumstance? Why do you choose one option over the other? Do you believe that we should be held morally responsible for things we don't do as much as things that we do?

Reference no: EM13501785

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