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Instructions: Research, locate, fill in, and print all the paperwork necessary to form a simple for-profit corporation in Arizona. You will need to decide on a name, type of corporate business, and assign roles to yourself and fictitious persons (i.e. Incorporator, Director, Office, Statutory Agent, etc.). You may choose any number of shares of stock and the type of stock. Refer to Chapter 16 in your textbook for guidance on this assignment. Follow the steps below. Step 1: Decide the correct documents to file to start your FOR-PROFIT BUSINESS CORPORATION. (Not a partnership, not an LLC, but a corporation), and answer the following checklist questions. What do you call the person creating a corporation? List the documents required in Arizona to incorporate a business. Where to do you file the documentation? Step 2: Go to the appropriate Arizona state government website and download a copy of all documents needed. Step 3: Read the instructions and fill in the documents (as best you can). Upload the completed cover sheet and all required documents to the Assignment folder by the date shown in the Schedule of Work.

Reference no: EM132184158

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