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Prior to engaging in this discussion, read Chapter 5 in your text, watch the Peter Attia: Is the obesity crisis hiding a bigger problem?-"http://www.ted.com/talks/peter_attia_what_if_we_re_wrong_about_diabetes" video, and review any relevant Instructor


For this discussion, please reference the information in the SOC313 Family Document. Lila Miller Goldberg is a 45-year-old diabetic. Since her pregnancy years ago, she has had difficulty losing weight. She has Type II insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), and has been symptomatic for more than 10 years. She has been resistant about changing her diet and has been inconsistent with treatment, despite her health. She always hated her mother Ella's fixation on nutrition while she was growing up, the different diets she tried, and the "weird meals" she prepared. She prefers quick and easy convenience foods, such as fast food and frozen meals. After all, she is a busy working mom! She has never liked to exercise and, with the pain that has developed in her feet, it is physically too difficult.

Analyze and discuss the relationship between Lila's environment growing up, her physiology, and her attitudes and behaviors. Use the following questions to guide your explanation, and be certain to apply basic medical terminology as appropriate.

How might Lila's condition affect her thinking, her relationships, and social situations? In what ways might these factors worsen her condition?

How has Lila's aversion to her mother's dietary fanaticism while she was growing up affected her choices and, as a result, her health?

How might Lila's condition of being overweight affect her relationships?

How might others in Lila's family and community view her, and how might this affect how she views herself?

What do you believe are Lila's options at this time? Explain your choices.

If you were Lila's close friend, how might you counsel her based upon your understanding of the

Biopsychosocial aspects related to her circumstances? Provide a statement from at least one of the required and/or recommended resources that supports your reasoning.

Guided Response: Read several of your classmates' posts and respond to two of your peers. Since there are many different perspectives on health and managing a variety of conditions, look for posts from classmates containing perspectives that are different from your own.

Comment specifically on what insights you might gain and what you might learn from your classmates' points of view. Was there anything in your classmates' posts that surprised you? If you disagree with your classmates' viewpoints, be certain to respectfully share evidence from scholarly research that supports your perspective. Cite any references in APA style as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center.

Reference no: EM131184059

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