What do we mean by triangulation
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What do we mean by Triangulation? Why might triangulation be important in relation to researching an organization using a single case study approach?

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In the sociologies, triangulation is frequently used to show that two (or more) routines are utilized as a part of a study with a specific end goal to check the consequences of one and the same subject. "The idea of triangulation is obtained from navigational and area studying systems that decide a solitary point in space with the union of estimations taken from two other particular focuses." The thought is that one can be surer with an outcome if diverse techniques lead to the same result. (Huber et al., 2015). In spite of the overall disputable level headed discussion amongst analysts on the quantitative-subjective dichotomy, the prominence of subjective examination has expanded in the advanced education field. Radiating from examination there appears space for both these two exploration approaches. Similarly vital is the way that one is not substandard compared to the next. So by not depending on a solitary examination methodology and technique, the legitimacy and believability of the exploration discoveries are moved forward. The way that marvels, for example, in sociologies are enmeshed (when an individual is the unit of examination) makes it difficult to evaluate emotions/discernments/and so forth. It is likewise wrong to evaluate the better subtleties or the profound situated issues of the individual. The reasoning can accordingly be made that an incorporated multi-system examination methodology builds the comprehension of human instinct and social reality in their full many-sided quality.

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