What do the numbers on the vertical axis represent

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Question 1: What do the numbers on the bottom of the chart represent? _______________________

Question 2: What do the numbers on the vertical axis represent? _______________________________

Next you are going to add a "Trendline" in the chart. Pick any dot on the scatterplot. Right click on that dot. It will cause a dropdown menu. At this point, select "Add a Trendline".

Make sure that "Linear" is selected. Also, at the bottom of this menu, check on "Display Equation on Chart" and "Display r-squared value on chart".

Close this page. This will bring you back to your excel page with your chart.

This line shows the relationship between the two variables. If the line goes up as you go right, it is a positive correlation. If the line goes down as you go right, it is a negative correlation. The "r2" value shows you how strong the relationship is. The closer the value is to 1 - the stronger the relationship.

Question 3: Is your relationship positive or negative?

Question 4: How strong do you feel the relationship is and why?

Question 5: Write the correlation (relationship) in a sentence form using the names of the data.

Question 6: Are there any other variables that could be contributing to the results?

Attachment:- mat.xls

Reference no: EM13867111

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