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What do economists call the difference between how much a consumer is willing and able to pay for a good or service and the dollar amount that he or she actually pays for it? a. sunk cost b. consumer surplus c. negative externality d. adverse selection

Reference no: EM131377255

A monopolist may lose money in the short-run

If the price were $25, this firm would _______ in the short run and _______ in the long run. In the United States, natural monopolies. If a monopoly firm can sell its eighth u

Unemployment and inflation under control

Imagine that you are elected the Chairman of the Fed and your goal is to keep both unemployment and inflation under control. This means that unemployment should be at its natu

Calculate the economic profits of biffs driving range

Biff owns and operates a golf driving range on land that he also owns. Last year his accountant calculated that his driving range makes $50,000 profits per year. Last year a p

The social security statement

Charles Smith is a senior production engineer who has worked for 18 years since he graduated from college. Yesterday in the mail, he received a report from the U.S. Social Sec

Monetary policy more effective in open or closed economy

Derive an IS curve the usual way (create two points), assuming a closed economy. Now assume that an open economy exists. Use this change to derive a new second point on the IS

Industry is currently in long-run equilibrium

Suppose the restaurant industry is perfectly competitive. All producers have identical cost curves and the industry is currently in long-run equilibrium, with each producer pr

A historical analysis of urban planning in the united states

A clear thesis statement An annotated bibliography for at least 10 scholarly or professional journal articles A summary that expresses the overall plan of the paper, including

What is the marginal revenue from last wine decanter sold

Bavarian Crystal Works designs and produces lead crystal wine decanters for export to international markets. What is the optimal level of production of wine decanters? What is


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