What do charge balanced and mass balanced mean

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When balancing reactions in Chapter 3, we did not mention that reactions must be charge balanced as well as mass balanced. What do charge balanced and mass balanced mean? How are redox reactions charge balanced? Explain why we must have the same number of electrons in both half reactions, and write down your answer.

Reference no: EM131158764

What mass of na2 38so4 has an activity of 10.0 mci

The curie (Ci) is a commonly used unit for measuring nuclear radioactivity: 1 curie of radiation is equal to decay events per second (the number of decay events from 1 g of

How many electrons are freed at the first dynode

The average energy required to free an electron from the dynode surface is 10 eV. For each incident ectron released from rest, how many electrons are freed at the first dyno

Concentration of the original lead

You decide to take 2.00 mL of the solution and add an excess of a concentrated sodium chloride solution. You obtain a solid with a mass of 3.407 g. What was the concentratio

Pros and cons of putting a price ceiling on prescription

What are the impacts that the pharmaceutical company that makes the medications in question will experience? How will that affect the pharmaceutical company production decis

Calculate diffusion coefficient in this binary gas mixture

The bulbs, which arestirred and of equal volume, initially contain binary gas mixtures of different compositions.At time zero, the valve is opened; at time t, the valve is c

Estimate the necessary tower diameter and the pressure drop

The gas density is 0.075 lb/ft3. The liquid density is 55 lb/ft3. The viscosity of the oil is 20 centipoises. Under these conditions, estimate the necessary tower diameter a

Calculate the brake-kw power needed

1. It is desired to use 28.32 m 3 /min of air (metered at a pressure of 101.3 kPa and 294.1 K) in a process. This amount of air which is at rest enters the fan suction at a pr

Principles of a vapour adsorption refrigeration system

Describe the principles of a vapour adsorption refrigeration system, and compare this to a vapour recompression system. Which of the two systems is more suitable for refrige


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